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Efficiency and Innovation in Outsourcing

Welcome to Xiraba, where we turn outsourcing into a strategic advantage for your business.


OUTSOURCING SERVICE Outsourcing at Xiraba goes far beyond simple labor outsourcing. We specialize in finding and allocating the right, highly trained professionals, dedicated to meeting the specific needs of your company, team, or project, whether in an in-person, virtual, or hybrid environment. We develop innovative corporate solutions or provide maintenance for existing systems within your company's technological environment..

While you and your company focus on business, Xiraba manages technology, providing the support and advisory necessary to strengthen and drive your projects and ventures through Information Technology..

Count on Xiraba to be your partner in recruiting, training, and developing technology teams.

Our Scope of Services

Our focus lies in providing the exact talents that will drive innovation and sustain operational excellence in your company's technology environments, whether for developing corporate solutions or maintaining existing computer systems.

System Maintenance Services

If your company already has operational systems, our Maintenance Services-focused Outsourcing is the ideal solution for development improvements and sustainability. Xiraba offers the following Legacy System Maintenance Services:

  • Evolutionary maintenance.
  • System sustainment maintenance.
  • Legacy outsourced system maintenance with sustainability contracts.


Contact us to learn more about our Legacy System Maintenance-focused Outsourcing services.

Our Commitment

At Xiraba, we go beyond the conventional. We create intelligent solutions that not only meet your needs but also simplify and enhance your business processes. 


Here, we believe that going beyond the basics is non-negotiable. 


Our focus is on developing practical and innovative solutions that efficiently meet our customers' demands. 


At Xiraba, you have access to a team of talented and versatile professionals, ready to tackle unique challenges, offering technical expertise and a creative and adaptive outlook for each project. 


As a result, we create smarter solutions and have an exponential impact on your business processes. 

Differentiators in

Customized Solutions

We understand that every business is unique. Our outsourcing solutions are customized to perfectly align with the objectives and challenges of your project, team, and company.

Elite Professionals

We have the right professional in our talent pool for your project, focusing on profiles that add significant value to your team's daily operations, ensuring high-quality service and exponential results.


Our aim is to ensure that every outsourcing project led by Xiraba delivers measurable results in line with your project expectations.

Trusted Partnership

We establish relationships based on trust and transparency. More than just a service provider, Xiraba is your strategic business partner!


Xiraba's outsourcing service can transform your business.

Contact us today and discover a partnership that will take your company to new levels of efficiency and innovation.