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Our journey began in 2008 in the industrial heart of Santa Catarina, Southern Brazil, where we set out to enhance our clients' vital operations with advanced and innovative technological solutions, aiming to achieve operational optimization and make their activities more effective. That was the beginning of our journey providing Outsourcing solutions to medium and large industries in the region.

Over the years, our scope of operations expanded, and we started serving both Brazilian and global companies. Our mission also evolved to encompass a broader range of services, adapting to the dynamic market changes and the specific needs of each client. But we didn't stop there...

Today, Xiraba is recognized as one of the most dynamic and innovative providers of IT solutions and teams. We have consolidated ourselves through 4 fundamental pillars that guide all our actions and are aligned with our mission, purpose, and values: 

Our Values

Our Values


A constant pursuit of technical excellence, which is the foundation for delivering services of the highest quality. 


A cornerstone that keeps us constantly updated with all technological trends and advancements, enabling us to offer solutions that will put your company far ahead of its competitors.

Strong Organizational Culture

A factor that allows Xiraba to always act in reinforcement of these 4 pillars, showcasing our dedication to innovation, continuous learning, collaborative spirit, and deep commitment to excellence.

Excellence in Meeting Customer Needs

This concern is an active part of the way the entire Xiraba team operates. And it's not just about 'wearing the company's jersey,' but primarily about promptly understanding all desires and needs, quickly responding to your questions, and translating that into solutions that fully meet your expectations.


To increase the added and perceived value of industrial, commercial, and related products and processes through the use of information technology at highly competitive costs and returns, creating commitments to society and its customers and investors, generating profit with social responsibility.


To be recognized as the most sophisticated, transparent, secure, and innovative IT service provider in the country.


Xiraba is a place where creativity and innovation thrive. We encourage collaboration, continuous learning, and the freedom to think outside the box in the pursuit of excellence and innovative solutions. In our work environment, everyone has a voice and the opportunity to contribute to our common goal. We value diversity, mutual respect, and the integration of different perspectives and ideas.


Looking ahead, Xiraba is focused on expanding its reach to international markets while remaining true to the company's values and culture. We continue to invest in our team, technology, and processes to ensure our position at the forefront, being a driving force for innovation and the success of our clients.

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